Summertime, and the livin’ is easy!

Summer was made for hashing – and we take full advantage by drinking beer (and running…a little) every Monday at 5:69HST. “But what’s hashing?”  Every Monday at 5:69PM, a bunch of delinquents meet at a random place in the Greater Syracuse Area to grab a beer and run a 3 – 4 mile course that’s been chosen by one of the members. The course is a mystery, complete with false leads, clues, and beer stops along the way. Running a few miles has never been so easy! Anyone with a good (and somewhat adolescent) sense of humor and boisterous sense of adventure should be just fine.


If that sounds like fun, and you’re 21 or over, and not easily offended, (or if you’ve got nothing else to do on a Monday night) check out our Calendar page and drop in. Other things you have to look forward to are:

  • People in worse shape than you
  • People who drink more than you
  • People who sing more stupid songs than you
  • People who tell more dirty jokes than you
  • People who’ve run through more backyards and graveyards than you
  • People who hate Mondays less than you
  • Your new best friends