All good hashes start at the cemetery and end with shiggy and this was the first real woods hash for SOH4! To help us celebrate, we had lots of visitors from Ithaca and a couple regulars from Flour City! Hooray for awesome sister kennels.

Hash names are given for those who do things especially spectacularly stupid. And at this hash we were pleased to formally introduce Tweedle Me and Tweedle You, twin hashers with a habit for the ridiculous. We also honored some of our first-time hares with new names, and a long stint kneeling on the ground. Welcome to Pink Penalty and Tough Knees!

Also want to thank Flour City’s Virginator for introducing the SOH4 kennel to SHOVEL OF SHAME!

Hash Stats: 36 hashers (10 virgins)
Hares: Pink Penalty, Kickstand, Tough Knees