Just Peter and I [Still Just Lisa] set trail for our first time by ourselves, Kicky our “lead” Hare being busy at a R*cist event, and so we had a drink or two along the way and made shit up as we went along. Hey it would be fun…. Then it POURED absolutely POURING RAIN!!! and we hoped our marks wouldn’t be washed away. Then we got changed, I in my wiener dog costume (provided by Just Peter, thank you very much!), Just Peter in…. well… nothing…. He held a picture of Anthony Weiner up in front of his face a called it good…. this was perfect! (see pic from CAFI)

Hasher’s showed up to the deteriorating, boarded up, roadside motel hidden behind other buildings and trees, and in the fog, with clear evidence of their earlier colorful r*cist activity…. and the drinking continued as by then we’d all already been drinking (Texting from Kicky let us know there was an on-after from said earlier r*cist event). Chalk talk was, well hysterical, as Just Peter filled the circle with all the marks we set and shit we made up along the way (see pic from CAFI). Legal Disclaimer and we’re off….. in the right direction for about 100 yards……. and then began what resulted a mostly ‘on-hare’ run for me, as Just Peter sprained his ankle in the first 10 minutes, and the Effing! marks were hardly visible………there was shiggy, there was mud, there were false trails, there was a ‘J’ that Magical Dick Slit brought to the DFL, not sure who that was….. The first beer near was in a tranquil meditative place by a stream, where we did nothing tranquil or meditative. Then off again… more false checking…. more false trails…. and into the Stone Quarry Art Park via the back door trail….. A shot check that could have also been a song check… who set these marks anyway…. and off again into the main area of the art park, which when Capt. Cock Controller saw it he said with amazement “what is this place?” We sang Hash songs at Earths Ear sculpture…. we climbed shit we shouldn’t have…. we crawled in things just cuz we could…. there was a new made up thing called a “shout-out” soon followed by many ass-cracks displayed. Another beer near…. and yup Just Peter still hobbling along with his sprained ankle… and oh, was Kneegina with him?… but not yet Kneegina (that came later in circle)……..more running on-hare style…. I made sure we didn’t miss the package check…. more running… more fog…. we all threw rotten apples at somebody, was that PO?… we ran some more… we stopped for a picture check over looking beautiful rolling…. well, fog, not the gorgeous hills we were hoping for….anyway…..more running, now downhill on a trail booby trapped with apples just to keep people on their toes and paying attention…… Then the best thing of all… the WEINER CHECK…. sitting out in the middle of a field were a couple of my gullible girlfriends, mustard and ketcup (see pic from CAFI) minding our wieners….. and wieners were enjoyed by all…….. yippee!….. Then back to more on-hare running……..another “J”, which Magical Dick Slit found again…. then a Turkey/Eagle choice and we lost half the group…. cornfields…. boob-checks….and I called on-in, through the shiggiest shiggy field at the end.

Circle was accusations, and namings of Kneegina, Rectal Retriever, and Self Cock Block, Just Peter and I were tabled for naming……. On-after was at the bowling ally, where some other woman tried to impress us with a bunch of raunchy debauchery songs…. ours are better.