Lots of hashers from SOH4, Flour City, and Halve Mein went to the pre-pre-pre-lube at Nail Creek Brewery and Pub. Even more went to the pre-pre-lube brewery tour of the FX Matt (aka Saranac) Brewery (those poor muggles who were with this group). Some did not, and waited patiently at the pre-lube for the hour delay before trail started while the rest of the hashers enjoyed the post-tour tavern experience.

And then we were off from 69 steakhouse. Within two seconds Tofu somehow managed to go on neither the runners nor walkers trail. Whereabouts remain unknown (seriously anyone seen him?). Through the woods, behind a church, under the thruway, and through the streets of Whitesboro to a beer near in a cemetary on a hill for tomato pie and Utica Club (of course).

From there it was off through the mean streets of Whitesboro and through the shiggy thicket behind the American Legion. After surviving the train tracks and some wooded areas, a minor water crossing occurred. A Just decided to try to act like tigger, climb a tree to the top, have it bend across the water, and drop him safely across. Instead he fell fully into the water and was soaked.

After playing with rusty cars at , evidently, a tetanus picture check, we were onto second beer near at Erie Canal trail parking lot. Utica favorites Saranac and half-moon cookies were consumed and singing ensued… but it was getting awfully dark out. Trail continued down the Erie Canal walking trail towards Lock 20, which hashers crossed and then peed at the protest pee check. Hashers continued on back to closing circle location. Well most did who followed flour… as it was an A to A’, some went back to start. Trust your flour!

Notably, in circle, Halve Mein sang for approximately forever when called into circle. After at 69 steakhouse where they wisely gave us our own room. It was observed that Just Andy looks an awfully lot like Jake Gyllenthal… minor debauchery ensued and then everyone griped about having to drive so far back to Syracuse. UC and OTD do it every week wankers… now you know how much we like you. And beer.

Respectfully submitted,
One Trick Dick and Utica Chub