Pandemic Hash Cash for Trail #486 – 10/24 – 1:69 PM


Trails will be limited to 33 hounds and 2 hares.


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Your hash cash includes the service fee for Stripe. Hence the $6.

Detrails for Saturday: Trail # 486 (10/24) – Metrailica!
Hey all you Wankers! Time to thrash! Show up in Cicero in your blackest best as we toast to the Gods of the Metal! Expect a mix of shiggy and road as we have one Ithaca hare and one Old Fredrick Hare! Please leash your dogs and virgins, but both are welcome!
Hares: Ass Wide Shut and Cumboy Wonder
Start Time: 1:69 PM (AKA 2:09 pm)
Hash Cash: $5 (Virgins, as always, are free!)
Start Location: Parking Lot across from New Country Plaza (Is it still called that?) in Cicero (
On After: Hot House Brewing at Barone Gardens (