Pandemic Hash Cash for Trail #491 – 11/21 – 1:69 PM

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$6 to cover Stripe fee.

Trail will be limited to 33 hounds and 2 hares.

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Trail #491 will be somewhere.

Lil Put-it-in (sp?) (aka the dog formally known as Just Eddie) is turning 7 human years old on Saturday, which is roughly 69 in dog years or 169 in Great Dane years- let’s celebrate doggy style! By now most of you have probably met/licked/ridden him, but if not then now is your chance to get up close and personal with Krusty’s big black d…..og.

Things to bring:
-Dog whistle
-Poop bags

Things not to bring:

Your Hares: Lil Put-it-in, Strawberry Gumjob, Krusty Shorts
Start Time: 1:69 PM (AKA 2:09 pm)
Start Location: Wegman’s Good Dog Park, Liverpool,