The reincarnated SOH4 experienced its first naming extravaganza, with Professor Crash Pants, Shots to the Mouth, and Dr. Drinks Alone all getting a nice Old McDonald serenade in their honor. Shots to the Mouth, as you may or may not remember, makes a mean Jello Shot. PCP, Dr. Drinks and P.O. were forced to live-hare, as they got started a bit late. Some FRBs nearly caught them, but being unaware of the prize that is a Hare Snare, they waited for the rest of the pack to catch up before continuing on. The trail, set late or not, was excellent – including some water obstacles and a few false leads sending the pack into backyards and brambles. Another graveyard & another deer sighting to boot.

P.O. (lover of half-minds everywhere) decided to declare his recruitment a success having this to say:

The pack [is] halfway up the hill at the beginning of the hash standing around confused, someone said, “we know the trail can only go one of two ways from here, and we just found out that one of those two ways is a YBF.” ¬†Nonetheless, most of the pack stood around and could not figure out which way to go!

Hash Stats: 21 hashers (11 virgins)
Hares: Pubic Offender, Professor Crash Pants, Dr Drinks Alone