Sit down with a beer(or twelve) and let me tell you about a trail set by a man called Pleasantly Average and maybe Kickstand.
Set a trail on April fools day near Onondaga hill,Hashers were we and thirsty we were,Running shiggy trail across the land.
We were On-On, true trail as I recall…there wasn’t even a Hasher who’d hash crashed-BEER NEAR we called!

But we knew something was ah-rye; we searched and searched, but no avail! Oh where is the beer hares! Murmurs of April fools pranks began to circulate-but when PA arrived on the scene, ‘oh fuck me’ is all he could articulate.

Boy were we pissed….the beer was gone-a true April Fools joke on us. The BN was right off of a high school property, some damn kids must’ve scored BIG before they got on the bus!  We were also still really pissed at the hares at this point-destroyed the next cooler of beer and made the hares drink for their terrible beer hiding skills.  Probably someone got named afterwards because we had like 6 people with names at that point. On after at Kelly’s.

Later on in the late spring-early summer, The Post-Standard or or whomever, did an article on SOH4(search inner webs) [ed. article available here] and in true spirit of the human/hashing condition, a good sumaritan with a heart and liver of good disposition, Read of our hashing ways, and after a social media outreach, showed up on a Monday!

A cooler these kind folks returned-it’s color was True Blue!The beer inside was different than before-in fact my dear hashers-there was more! More lagers and stouts, some IPAs too!
We thanked with all our hearts these kind folks for returning our spirit and joy-our feeling of youth, cure of a hangover-the irony is, they thought we were punk-ass high school kids.  They loved what we did, became quick virgins, then we never saw them again!  I don’t think they were into all the songs personally…

Moral of the story- hide your fucking beer hares!
On-hide your beer-On
Cummando, veteran of the lost April Fools hash beer hash and their return of really great beer in place of shit beer.