Commonly Used Phrases:

FRB: front-running bastards; people who are fast

DFL: dead fucking last; people who are slow

Virgin: first time hashers

GM: grand mattress; in charge of our sorry asses

RA: religious advisor; performs weddings and leads circle

Shiggy: woods, trees, mud, etc. Hashers love shiggy

Kennel: what we call hash groups; officially we are the Syracuse On-On-Dog-A Hash House Harriers and Harriettes (SOH4)

R*cism: talking about real running events; not permitted at a hash

Hash cash: $5 collected per non-virgin runner (to cover beer costs, haberdashery, etc.)

On-After: a place to meet following the hash; usually for sustenance and more beer

Shovel of Shame: found at an early SOH4 hash; given to a hasher who is exceptionally dumb; cannot be set down at any point during the run

Accusations: things accumulated during the hash that are used to designate down-downs at circle

Down-downs: punishment for stupidity/rule breaking on trail

A Completely Incomplete Guide to Trail Marks
(will always be incomplete because you never what a hare is going to do)

  • HHH (used to indicate starting point of the trail and where to congregate)
  • X   Check (trail goes 369degrees (anywhere) from here. Must have 5 people to start checking)
    • Boob Check – only women can check for trail unless they flash
    • Package Check – only men can check for trail unless they show
  • O: On-1
  • O O: On-2
  • O O O: On-on!!! (I found true trail!)
    • If you find trail, yell and whistle and let the kennel know!
  • Hare arrow = True trail!
  • “R U?” (not a trail marking but something you’ll hear hashers yelling; if you’ve seen flour, yell back how many or On-On!)
  • F or YBF (false trail L turn around and go back to the check)
  • R # (return this number of dots, which then functions as a check)
  • PS (picture stop! Something about this place makes a good pic. Line up and smile pretty, then check for trail)
  • SC (song check! Wait for five people, sing a song, check for trail)
  • SS (shot stop, not available at every hash but used instead of beer)
  • BN (every hasher’s favorite: BEER NEAR!! Find the beer hidden nearby)
  • ON-IN (indicates that end of trail and circle is just right ahead)