Hares make the world go round. Or at least they make the half-minds run around drunk. Without hares we’d just sit in a parking lot and drink, and we can’t pretend that’s exercise! Volunteer during a hash, or contact Cock or Two to sign up for a trail.  Keep these things in mind as you plain your (shitty) trail:

  • Doing it alone isn’t as fun, so grab one or two others (seriously, you don’t want more than four hares)!
  • Don’t pop your cherry with all virgin hares. You’ll put things in the wrong places and it won’t be as fun. So, one of the hares should be ‘experienced’.
  • At least one of the hares should be a sweeper; this person follows the DFLs around so they don’t get lost. BONUS: You get to look at a bunch of hasher butts during trail.
  • Keep the trail to 3 – 6 miles! Remember: drinking club with a running problem. Let’s not overcomplicate our problems.


Here’s a timeline for what you should be doing in advance of setting your trail:

Five-ish days before trail:
  • Email the detrails for your trail to the lustserv, including location, time, co-hares, on-after location (if known), hash cash (if different than the usual), and any other special considerations (headlamps, change of clothes, bug spray, costumes/theme)
  • Cock-or-2 (or whoever is internet FRB) will post this information to the website and MeetUp
Four days before trail:
  • Contact the beermeister, Snidely Whipass, to arrange for cooler pickup.  It’s important to contact him in advance so that arrangements can be made in time.  Remember: Snidely will make the coolers available, but YOU need to arrange to pick them up and set them on trail.
Sometime before trail:
  • Buy snacks, flour, and ice for the coolers (necessary if it’s going to be warmer than a refrigerator outside AKA warmer than ~40° F)
  • Hide your coolers well!  If you don’t have enough shiggy to hide them in, leave them in a hare’s car.
  • If you need to make any last minute changes, make sure to email the listserv and comment on the MeetUp page.
  • Seriously, did you remember to make arrangements with Snidely?  This is your last chance!
Immediately after trail:
  • Pick up the coolers from your BNs–if you are unable to do so for any reason, ask for help!  If you manage to lose a cooler then you will be responsible for buying a new one (they cost around $20).
  • Give the coolers back to Snidely within two days–or better yet, do it immediately after the hash.
The hash will pay for: beer (handled by Snidely) and ice/orange food/snacks (buy your own and be reimbursed).
You pay for: liquor/shot stops, flour/chalk/etc, any prizes/costumes/extra shit that you want for trail.

Want to be a super awesome hare?! Sure ya do! Set on virgin land! Here’s where all our past hashes have been: