Your 2016 SOH4 Mismgmt…

Even a bunch of delinquents who run to find beer hidden in the woods need some fearless leaders. Our Mismanagement is responsible for general oversight, inclusion, special events, and overall making sure that everyone has an amazing time every week. If you think this sounds like something you’d like in on, let us know!

Grand Master – Ass Full of White Man

The GM is the half-mind who runs the place.

Religious Advisors – Slip and Swallow, Pastorbator (and sometimes Jackoff O’Lantern if we’re desperate)

The RA in each kennel is responsible for knowing all the songs, keeping track of hash lore and legend and leading circle at the conclusion of each hash.

On-Secs – FuckWODBushyCholera, Six from Behind, Golden Snowball (and whoever else we rope in)

The on-secs are responsible for making sure that people sign in and are accounted for.

Hare Raiser – Cock Or Two

The hare raiser makes sure we have hares to set trail every week.

Web Geeks – Pink Penalty, Ass Full of White Man, Cock or Two, Pleasantly Average

In charge of internets, websites, and gigabytes. Email these guys if the site has gone bonkers or needs updating.

Hashtorian/Stats Bitch – Came With A Fake Name

The stats bitch keeps our database up to date, translates the sign-in scribbles into a sophisticated system so everyone knows how many hashes they have. The hashtorian is master of rehashes and makes sure there is an assigned rehash for each trail, and writes them herself as needed

Haberdashers – Utica ChubKickstand, No Child From Behind

The haberdashers order and sell all the SOH4 swag.

Pearl Necklacer –  Kickstand

Hash necklaces are given out to hashers who have been named.

Legal Counsel/Bail Bondsman – Mr. Stiffy (Esq.)

Responsible for posting bail and finding better legal representation than himself should the need arise.

Grand Master Emeritus / SOH4 Founder – Pubic Offender

PO was irresponsible for getting the SOH4 kennel restarted after a lengthy respite.