An acrostic for our Flour Conservation Hash…

Frosty conditions met our hashers on this the 24th Hash of SOH4 in Clay Park, May 13, 2013

Loudly their teeth clattered as hares Ass Full of White Man and Just Matteo gave chalk talk

Only the Turtle-sized penis with Turtle-sized balls drawn in flour gave our kennel pause

Unknowing virgins three introduced themselves, unaware of the calamity that was to befall them

Rochester’s own Virginator and Lopsided Labia were welcomed as guests as the kennel set off


Covering ground quickly, the hashers run into the shiggy, in search of beer, shots and flour

On the lookout for the scarcely-laid flour, they fight off prickers and vines and splash through mud

Now, what’s this, the pack soon finds the promised Shot Stop behind a playground set

Slugging back blackberry brandy, they fulfilled Stiffy Lube’s song assignment in an atrocious manner

Emerging from his tree perch, PA joined the pack as flour led them across a road into a neighborhood

Riotous laughter by our hares interrupted our quest, as they call us back into the right direction

Very soon there was another surprise: beer!! found at the BN in an apocalyptic-looking field

Appearing late to the BN were some sorry hashers who followed two dots to nothingness…

To the next BN we go! Foiled soon after by a very long BC8 that fools us all into running quite a long way

Into the land of the power lines we run, and find the second promised beer cooler! Hashers pee with joy

Over the last stretch to On-In, Just Matteo helps Tough Knees by promptly dropping her into the creek

Nearby, stupid hashers follow a stupid hare and stupid Kickstand, into a chilly ankle-deep swamp


Here we come to circle, hashers in various states of coldness, wetness, and smelliness

As Slip pathetically doles accusations and attempts to lead the kennel in drinking songs

Sun sets and cold sets deeper as Just Matteo is interviewed and named: introducing Weak Knees

Happy, filthy hash dog Lincoln becomes Puddle Humper, and Vomit Comet eats flour cum in joy

…And the Hash went in peace


Respectfully submitted,

Slip and Swallow