Today at the hash I learned…

Wednesday is Free Cuntry‘s favorite day.
Running Commentary has been to more countries than I’ve been to cities.
Magical Dick Slit has never been to a strip club or a wedding (please take him).
Some virgins are cooler than others, and actually finish the trail.
The debate about dick slits vs dick holes lives on.
One Trick Dick‘s dick has multiple tricks.
Pineapple makes cum fruity.
Ass Full of White Man has a doppelgänger, right down to the bandana.
Mudman makes an excellent spider web buster when running through drainage pipes.
In drainage pipes, the water is cold, floor is slippery and it’s dark.
Tough Knees is not above auto-hashing.
PO didn’t live close enough to school to get free busing.
Lopsided Labia and Virginator called each other before getting dressed this morning.
Crossingwalks only mean stop if Cum Fu Fister isn’t in it.
Deer can hop fences with ease.
Cum and Feel It makes a mean wiener.
There is indeed a bulldog statue at Nottingham High School.
After sex, men pee to one side (I’m taking a poll on this, men. Are you a left or a right?)
Diarrhea is really fast. I’d like to see him and 60 Seconds or Less go at it.
Pink Penalty knows how to pull a successful disappearing trick.
Arrows = dots for really stupid hashers.
Someone else is going to need to take up the Rehash torch for the entire months of June and July.

Mondays continue to be glorious!

Respectfully submitted,
Slip and Swallow