by Just Tim

We gathered July 15th at the Inn Complete and the beer started to flow (Yeah Beer!). The amount of hashers was incredible with lots of virgin – fresh meat for the taking. In total, 68 brave souls (or is its soles?) decided that even 90+ degree heat would not deter them from the hares’ course (as laid by Pubic Offender, Just Chris and Just Chris). First leg to the first BN was up a deer trail on the Skytop hillside forest with the beer being hidden behind the cell tower (high class this time, there was Heineken!). After the Beer Near, some soared like eagles and others trotted like turkeys as we made our way down the tower hill towards the semi storage area and onto the quarry. Even though it was marked as a Song Check, we all decided the quarry would make a great backdrop for a Picture Check (photo #6 on the Pictures page). From there we went down a rough trail to the next BN where the liquids flowed and Slip lead us in The Days of the Week.  From there on we went down some pretty steep drops and through a swampy area to the boob and package checks which pretty much were ignored and sprinted/ran/jogged/walked down Rockcut Rd to Circle and the On-After.

Having driving by the bar many times,  I always thought Candy’s Hillside looked like a bar from a Rob Zombie flick – but it wasn’t bad. We were greeted by hot dogs, sausage, macaroni salad, chips and of course FREE FLOWING BEER!!!!!!! Circle was brief but festive (right down to Kickstand drinking out of his new orange sneakers while we sang a hearty chorus of “A Soldier”). It was then made public that Kicky said that the bar’s was a strip club and the on-after would entail a pole dancing contest. Many tried, a few succeeded,  but the judges had fun and we all had a good laugh. Some almost even brought the house down as the pole rocked back and forth and finally fell apart. After being repaired, more brave souls filled out the waiver (I guess chanting “It’s my own fucking fault” is not legally binding) and put on a show. Some of us will never look at pepperoni the same way again, as that 2 foot long stick saw more action during the dance contest than a two dollar hooker on dollar beer night. At least the pepperoni was wrapped for everyone’s protection and nothing got transmitted. After the contest (who won? Who really cares, we all won I guess) we all exchanged tales and got to know each other a little better. See you all next week!