For Gispert’s birthday, PO, Just Kerry, Just Dave, and Beemer Creemher threw a trail party near Varsity Pizza. Hats and accessories worn by many to celebrate.

Up and down hills, under a Dome, to a picture check statue, and through a cemetery to highest spot (or so) in Syracuse we went where many virgins and horde learned several, but not all, reasons Jesus cannot go hashing.

Clearly mismanagement solution to our kennel growing and breeding like rabbits was to provide lube and piñatas full of condoms at second bn. No DNA on trail reported , but what happens on trail…

The rain made the roads slippery yet hash crashes were few . Circle indoors at Varsity Pizza following food, drinks, and bday cake. OTD virgin RA experience also featured the new soh4 megaphone to metaphorically herd a horde of loud cats in catnip factory. Nurse and Male Bait looking good in soh4 orange. On after after at Faegans after we literally closed Varsity where minor debauchery ensued.

Namings: Just Kerry now Tits McSmart in honor of work in student affairs, Just Dave now Atreyu for his never ending story during q and a , and Just Chris now Pocket Full of Lube for having , well, a pocket full of lube at q and a.

OTD nomination for soh4 glorious victorious verse was also offered during circle: “oh there are no serious hashers in Syracuse, oh there are no serious hashers in Syracuse, cause they only run paved streets in shoes they bought at Fleet Feet, oh there are no serious hashers in Syracuse”. For the love of Gispert someone come up with something better!

As the circle venue was closing accusations were cut short.  You know who you are and what you did !

Respectfully submitted,
One Trick Dick