On an overcast night we were summoned to Borio’s in search of Beer, fun, Beer, exercise and of course most importantly BEER!  The drive in was misty and when I arrived the parking lot was completely empty! Apparently Borio’s owners must have heard of us and said “Not on your life!” What really happened? Borio’s is closed on Mondays. Nevertheless, Pleasantly Average insisted that the hares had found the perfect place “nearby” for the On-After. Beer was drank, and Professor Crash Pants ran Chalk Talk. “Be sure to follow the marks on the right side of the road”. As we departed in search of more beer, Chunks & Dunks grabbed the spare tire from his car, realizing there would be an opportunity for drowning and assuming it would help him float. We kept trying to tell him it wouldn’t work but to his credit he managed to carry it all the way down the trail. Of course, the one time the pack of half minds listens and runs on the right side of the road, Professor Crash Pants yells “Oops, we mean the left side!”. Silly rabbit.

Coming into the golf course, Tweedle Me got to lay down for a bit and get dragged by her pup Just Honey: Hash Crash # 1 for the night!  We continued for a few blocks and a few checks with the flour rapidly disintegrating in the mist until we hit the first BEER NEAR in a construction area. While we drank, Pubic Offender modeled his stylish flapper dress and pitched the upcuming Red Dress Run and reminded everyone to cum out and support Vera House (who, by the way, often use White Ribbons  for support so accessorizing with them would be a nice touch).  We were warned by the hares during the next leg of the run we would have to run through someone’s backyard and to be respectful and quiet. After about ¼ miles we crossed through said yard and ran down a residential area while being stared at by adults and some kids rode bike next to us asking “Who’s the guy in the red dress?”. Needless to say, another neighborhood shocked by the SOH4. We then reversed direction through a field behind some sort of factory, ran up the street and then entered a path only a hare could run down. By this time, the flour was almost non-existent and Cum and Feel It stayed back to help the stragglers find the correct trail with help from PO.  The second Beer Near was at the end of a windy woodland path, and was greatly appreciated.  What better place to drink beer than in Oneida Lake? The water was great and we all engaged in some good old fashion water wrestling including watching the Tweedles tag team people from behind. Chunks was right – the tire floated! It would hold a small mouse up, but certainly not a hasher! The next leg was a short sprint to the pontoon dock which miraculously didn’t sink much with all of use on it for a Picture Check. Afterwards, most of the group did loops through some neighborhoods on the way back while the DFL contingent took the straight path to Borio’s (sometimes it better to hash smarter and not harder).

With Borio’s closed, PA assured us that the bar was 2 miles away, and called Fisher’s Landing. In fact, it was closer to 10 miles, and called Fisher Bay. Naturally the entire kennel pulled over at a bar that was 2 miles away, called Cooper’s Landing (see the mix up?).after a bit of wandering, and line of cars were pulled over and got directions to the bar from a State Trooper. We may have started in Cicero, Onondaga County but this hash became a 2 county hash as the bar was in Bridgeport, Madison County. The wet hashers slogged in, ordered food, grabbed beers and proceeded with a smaller but still relatively energetic circle for down downs and announcements. The evening ended with old friendships renewed and new ones started as well as finding out that Cum and Feel It will help me with my diet by eating any fries which come with my food.


Respectfully Submitted,

Just Tim (the one from Syracuse)