On September 16, 2013, there was a trail that few hashers who attended will forget. Set by Cum and Feel It, Just Pat (now known as Double Glazed), and Just Chris (our own Snidely Whipass), this epic journey through East Syracuse started with a pirate theme, and ended in desolation.

Upper Decker Wrecker who had the misfortune of showing up for trail that day. I had the privilege to exchange texts with UDWs. This is his story:

Me: Can you tell me everything you remember about that railroad track hash a couple years ago?
UDWs: Which one?
Me: The one I didn’t go to, that ended at the B2
UDWs: The one we yelled at on? / Super long by east Syracuse maybe?
Me: Yes yes!
UDWs: Oh yeah what about it. / Somewhere by that Baird street house we looked at to buy. / There’s railroad tracks. We were on them for awhile.
Me: Keep going. / What else do you remember?
UDWs: Are you talking location or what happened
Me: What happened
UDWs: It got super dark / People were getting lost / Caffy picked people up / We ended at the B2. OTD ordered a shit ton of wings and we ate them all / We did circle inside I think
Me: Nice nice. Anyone get named or anything?
UDWs: I can’t remember. It was 2.5 years ago / OTD ran circle. I remember that. I’m pretty sure it was inside. Since it was so dark and we came in so spread out / I don’t think we named anyone cause I would have remembered being pissed about throwing beer all over someone inside. I wouldn’t have like that / Pretty ire we had a picture check on a bridge. Over the tracks / But not positive we have run the area a few times
Me: Awesome, thanks! / You just wrote a rehash
UDWs: It was a couple people’s first time. I remember that. But I can’t remember who.
Me: That’s okay. You did pretty good for 2 and a half years back.
UDWs: Yeah. I just remember it was 8 miles.

Note: content has not been edited, to ensure you all get the real feel of having a text conversation with my husband.

Respectfully submitted,
Slip and Swallow