Still recovering from Saturday’s Red Dress Run, many of us met at Sharkey’s in Liverpool on an afternoon that felt like fall. Aka cold and damp. Pre-lube in Sharkey’s parking lot involved several of us helping them collect empty beer cans to recycle… we were encouraged by Sharkey’s management to warm up inside afterwards rather than helping them with their littering issue. No good deed goes unpunished.

Hares Chunks and Dunks and Just Nick told the kennel to avoid getting froggered on four lane highway while trying to find their poorly marked trail. Safety third, Gispert’s helmet of honor will protect us!

On out from there was, in fact, across said four lane highway. Wandering through a neighborhood. Inconveniently, a non hasher had put down an arrow indicating that trail would run through someones back yard… so many of us did into the woods behind their house, before finding out that we were not actually on trail.

First BN was near a playground after hashing past some baseball fields. A couple of hashers successfully climbed rickety playground equipment, someone somewhere has pictures. At this BN, kennel discussed several odd situations that happened when various members worked at a dept store at Chicago.

After that there was in fact a stream crossing at some point but be not concerned, Chunks crossed successfully (neither chunking, nor dunking). Speaking of hazards, we may need a broom intervention for Tweedle. SOH4 ain’t Hogwarts.

Second BN was throwing distance from the on-in. Additional discussion of various bears in the woods ensued, followed by a brief discussion of theological viewpoints of why certain historical figures would not, or could not, go hashing.

Said discussion was cut short as we headed on in for circle, which was across the street from Sharkey’s. At this point it was dark and about 40 degrees so many got changed, blankets, etc. And then we waited for the hare and the additional beer (cause they didn’t have cups). And waited. And waited (again, last BN was about a 2 min run away!). So we covered many other reasons Jesus could not go hashing while we waited. And waited… until Chunks finally arrived.

Finally circle began. Cuse welcomed back Tofu from the previous hash incarnation, and down downs were assigned as were namings. Just Tim is now Same Job, Different Orifice; Just Bob is Deflower City (y’all can spell these how ya want). Be sure to congratulate them and ask them why. A couple others were almost named but tabled due to pending frostbite.

On after was at Sharkey’s were they wisely gave us the entire back room to keep us away from their regulars and the volleyball players. Additional debauchery ensued including beer boarding and other interesting stories to tell the grandkids one day.

On a side note, if we ever find out what is in Just Nick’s backpack, think we’ll have a name for him!

Respectfully submitted,
One Trick Dick