For our final Monday hash of the year, we met at a parking lot next to an ice cream place across from Shifty’s. Several of us prelubed at Shifty’s or the ice cream place, many had to move our cars to avoid being towed. Half of the kennel or so were out in full zombie makeup and outfits. We had a Zombie Jesus, a Zombie Bride, and other assorted bloody clothing, makeup and costume awesomeness. Lots of pictures taken with tech on trail.

Hares Pink Taco, Just Alex (in full Zombie Jesus mode), and Honey Boo Boo gave us chalk talk and informed us that there would be splits for zombie trails and human trails. And then we were on out to scare the locals.

After a run through neighborhoods where we, um, saw a picture of Just Leslie (and full nerd name!) on a sign, we stumbled our way to a shot check. Zombie Jesus turned water into Irish alcohol. Naturally we sang Jesus can’t go hashing while we downed that and then we were off again.

After running through about 100 feet of shiggy and multiple golf course holes, we arrived at first BN. Thereafter, zombies frequently went one way and humans went another before combining again, and an impromptu picture check broke out for the humans atop a hill overlooking Syracuse.

And at some point going down a hill and/or steps, human Just Al hash crashed to the extent that his leg required medical attention in the ER. Assistance was provided and he posted updates on his condition and pictures to meetup through the evening.

Zombies and humans met up again at the second BN. Zombies, not having hash crashes or picture check, were there way ahead of the humans and had many water balloons to throw. Also, zombies evidently attract mosquitos as there were swarms to distract us from drinking, singing, and waiting for everyone to catch up. As it began to get dark, we were on-out for more pavement running back to the starting location of trail.

As for circle, down-downs were given for various offenses. Lots of virgins, dogs, headgear, race attire, and even racing attire in headgear. In what may be a Syracuse first, Pink Taco also had a hash crash in circle (!) and wiped out completely, later reporting on meetup that she was extremely bruised. In other excitement, it was confirmed that Just Missy Z and Just Mike have publicly made Syracuse their home hash! Though it may always have been.

As for namings, Just Alex was named Calvin Christ for a combo Zombie Jesus and our learning about the half marathon he ran in just his underwear; Just Nick was named Ass Wide Shut in honor of his prior, revoked name from the Daytona Hash of Ass Wide Open and his love of movies; and Just Krystle was named Utica Chub in honor of her Utica road whoring status and love of Utica Club beer. Congrats wankers!

For the after we invaded Shifty’s and further scared the locals. Debauchery with arrows, drink specials lined up by Taco, and general amazingness that makes SOH4 Monday’s what they are ensued. Ya kind of had to be there, and a lot of us were… in fact, several hashers showed up just for the after in their muggle attire. Down downs for that next time…

Respectfully submitted,
One Trick Dick