In Liverpool where the clouds won’t fail,
We awaited what surely was a well marked trail.
Succulent PBR and Beast were passed,
What a nice surprise, Mudman came to hash!
Off we took following flour and watery gak,
Into the burbs of Liverpool with the wind at our back.
Across a railroad and into a forest,
A BN was spotted with backyards before us.
Consumed our beer with the usual blather,
No songs were sung, but plenty of laughter.
On out was called, no time for abeyance,
We cut through some yards eluding surveillance.
Magical, BooBoo, and Stiffy arrive,
Such a well marked trail, how did they survive?
Through the burbs, the mud, the Liverpool hood,
A bottle of rum was found that tasted like wood.
To the school yard was our next advance,
And a playground was spotted for a photo op chance.
Slide run was played, but to onlookers dismay.
Pocket ran up, but only got halfway.
Second Beer Near behind the elementary school,
Morning Glory trailed behind, talking a fool.
Captain did not hash but came to the on after,
Something something, Chunks is his master.
Back at Meghan’s, circle was quick.
Let’s go inside, I can’t feel my……………………………………nose.

Respectfully submitted,

Dry Spell & Chunks and Dunks