What We Learned or Barely Remember From 1st Anal CNY WinterHash
Nurse TaKillYa:
I don’t think she did anything to make the (albeit slight) frostbite from last week any better.
My running tights were soaked up to mid-calf with ice water.
Floss brought baked goods.
Phoenix walked sideways.
There were IH3ers I should have recognized but did not (because apparently IH3ers are haaaaaaappy at every trail.)
Brownie’s necklace got to hash without him.
Kicky was right about fun bus over heated vehicle.
Male Bait was bit in the ass by a dog.
Preprelube drinkhiking is fun. You can eat Snowball’s muffin and enjoy Fleshlight’s fudge packing!
If a bar complains after a prelube that we have to move our cars or you will tow us, we may not go back there for the after as planned.
SOH4 created tags look better upside down, and probably will be going forward.
The x-rated snowmen we make are clearly hashers and engage in acceptable hash behavior.
Sometimes hashers can’t help themselves and join in with the snowmen in such behavior. See hashspace for pics of Slip demonstrating this.
As proven at the RDR, we will never be able to understand trails marked in tape. We demonstrated this again.
Slush and thawing lakes make finding flour challenging.  But entertaining.
When we say bring a dry bag… BRING A DRY BAG.  Hashing through wintry water is cold.
Be not alarmed, Chunks made it through all water crossings unscathed.
CAFI remains surprised we are all half minds. We can barely follow arrows.  Actually, I think we didn’t follow an arrow.
If Pocket Full of Lube wipes out on ice, it’s only a matter of time before Self Cock Block does the same. In the exact same spot. (Seriously hope y’all are ok).
Dual Tools will run into a lake and fall in up to his hips. For reasons unknown.
Pizza Ass can wear a white sweatshirt that gets increasingly stained throughout the day.
UC trying to tackle OTD is entertaining and ends well for neither.
Nacho Bitch has lots of ideas about how the day could have gone better!  He may even have signed up FC to host this next year! Thanks Nacho!
Robins Wood is hell bent on making sure there is a burn incident at all major events by firejumping, firewalking, etc. Seriously, Strong isn’t that fun. Trust me.
If there is snow there will be snowballs…
But when throwing a snowball, make sure Tang isn’t behind you.  Otherwise she gets accidentally punched in the face.  Right Male Bait?
SOH4 members will kiss pavement at first sight if forced to go through too much winter shiggy.
Just Rob’s post-trail shoes are for both kinds of music…country and western.
At least he wore shoes and not sandals. As Jackoff and others did post-trail.
Anal still has bitchy resting face, even when having a good time.
Ass Full of White Man still loooooves songs with lots of verses.
Floss likes it when you sing about his balls.
MudMan likes singing.
No matter what after we have planned, at least ten SOH4 will end up at J Ryans eventually.
–Bonus from that after after:  Kicky may be Captain’s father. Captain can fit in a high chair.  Just Rob will unbutton anything you ask him too, Dry Spell will help.
Fakey missed all kinds of fun and will have to hash and rehash again soon!

And if one of the CNY kennels disorganizes a hash in the middle of state, no matter what the weather, a bunch of great people will show up and have a f**king amazing time.

Respectfully submitted,
One Trick Dick, and without her awareness or permission, Nurse TaKillYa