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Now, this is a story all about how
Fake-O’s lunch got flipped-turned upside down
Cuz Magical Dick Slit,
Male-Bait, and Utica Chub,
Layed plenty of booze for the good of the club!

Just west’a Syracuse, town of Solvay
On the playground was where we spent some of our day
Running round muddy’ freezing’ all swank
And stealing some volleyballs outside of the bank

We ran up some hills PA’s cock standing stark
Found some beer in the woods and some more in the park
Were all a bit worried Chunks would go in the dunk
Turns out it was captain who’d be playing the duck

Then a Genital Manager who was up to no good
Started making trouble in the neighborhood
He brought two giant bottles of grain alcohol
You know if we were serious hashers we’d have finished it all’

We rolled up to the bar about 7 or later
And we yelled to the tender ‘Yo homes flip her over’
We looked at the song books
And all did our best
But hey, either way we saw plenty of chests.