Ladies and Gentlemen, wankers of all ages….step right up and hear about the greatest show put together by half-minds— SOH4’s Circus Hash #80! The fabulous show took place under the Big Top, aka the environs of East Syracuse, with your ringmasters Bushy Cholera and Snidely Whip Ass—completely decked out in his red coat and top hat!

The first spectacle of the evening was marked by the grand return of RA Slip and Swallow from her travels around Europe and the welcoming wankers and virgins. There was a grand display of incoherent chalk talk and then On-out!

The greatest show on earth featured plenty of clowns, but most notably Pink Taco and her big red nose. Shark Week came prepared to astound onlookers with her tight rope walking skills with her parasol and heart monitor, and gave half-minds a heart stopping show of walking on solid ground! Impressive for sure!

Half-minds demonstrated amazing feats of acrobatics at a playground check and five tu-tu clad ladies were seen riding a dinosaur! And oh, what a spectacle was enjoyed by onlookers as wankers searched for trail high and low! Hashers demonstrated spectacular skills and amazing balance as they climbed the railroad bridge for a picture check. And daredevils braved the shiggy through mud and standing water! Such skill and bravery! It would not be a circus without animal acts, so Puddle Humper provided plenty of entertainment to dazzle onlookers!

And of course no circus would be complete without tasty refreshments at intermissions:


The grand finale of the evening was the final circle at the On-in. Circus goers welcomed virgins and participated in various down-downs! Glasses were raised and debaucherous songs were sung. For the final feat of the evening, Kickstand performed magic and passed out necklaces to newly named hashers—including a very special one that he made appear from inside his pants! Ooooh! Ahhhh!

Then the Circus Hash went in peace, maybe to get a piece, and enjoyed mischief at the On-after at Trappers II, where the wankers ate, drank, and were very merry (and uncoordinated) on the sand volleyball courts.

Respectfully submitted,
Came with a Fake Name