13 Random Facts about Hash #84

  1. It was a Full Moon Hash, but it was cloudy.
  2. It was also Friday the 13th.
  3. Hares were Kickstand, Jackoff O’Lantern, and Deflower City.
  4. Near the start, trail crossed private property and a resident came out and yelled at the group and threatened to call the police on Jackoff who was climbing the fence anyway.
  5. Trail had to be rerouted, but no one got arrested.
  6. A runner from the Y Running club joined us on his evening jog.
  7. The first Beer Near was at an abandoned building with graffiti and broken windows. A perfect place for a group picture.
  8. As it got dark, the trail ran along the canal where some tasty (provided by hares) and not so tasty (provided by Tweedle) shots were imbibed.
  9. Although cloudy, there was a nice Full Moon shot taken on the bridge over the canal. There are some really white asses in this kennel.
  10. The second Beer Near had no beer, only water. That’s why Jackoff is a jackoff.
  11. Trail back to the on-in went through a gross creek/sewage outlet and through a culvert.
  12. There was 1 virgin, Just AJ, who got REEAAAALLY drunk. Super drunk. Mega Drunk. Smashed.
  13. On-after was at JP Mulligan’s but the kitchen was closed.

Respectfully submitted,
Came with a Fake Name