There was confusion on the start of Hash #93. Half-minds were driving around the maze of office complex parking areas searching for a sign. Alas, it was found when hares were spotted and able to point us in the right direction. It was a pretty big crowd with 50+ hashers showing up for trail. There were lots of visitors from other kennels, including the White House H3 and Munich, Germany!

The theme was Día del Pescador, which no one really understood what that meant, but it seemed to be a bit of a Mexican thing going on and given the hot, steamy weather, appropriate. There were quite a few sombreros for this one. Hares were Just Lyle, Just Mat, and Just Becca and they led the usual nonsensical chalk talk, sure to confuse locals and visitors alike.

Then On-out on across concrete around the various buildings and then we took a turn to more shiggyish trail. There was a taco stop for those who quiere Taco Bell and soon a Beer Near on what was the most bullet-laden and mosquito-infested trail. The possibility of being shot or bit by something seemed pretty good. While beer is very good, mosquitoes are very bad, so it was a brief stop.

There was the usual assortment of running, checking, stopping, turning around, stopping, checking, running, and etcetera. Eventually there would be shots and another Beer Near on a cul-de-sac. As the sun sank lower the heat was less oppressive. Our visitors seemed to be having a good time, but daylight was waning as summer days were getting shorter, so once again it was on-out and shortly on-in.

Back at circle hares were given down-downs for a shitty trail. Really? A trail in a mosquito infested swamp? All of the tacos in the world won’t make us forget that. Just Lyle slurped up spilled beer from the pavement and that would prove to be useful later. Virgins and guests were welcomed in an appropriate fashion and the hash got through the usual business of down-downs. There were also a many birthdays from July and August to be celebrated so there were many side-sides and up-ups. Then the topic of naming came up and Just Lyle was welcomed back to circle for some questions. While the hash found out some disturbing information about Just Lyle’s toy Chewbacca, he was eventually named Assfault LickHer and welcomed with great ceremony.

The On-after was at the Bull & Bear Roadhouse for more beverage and barbecue. And just for the record, their poutine is not really poutine—so be warned.

Respectfully submitted,
Came With a Fake Name