A Letter from Camp

Hey there,

Just a quick note to tell you that everything is good and The Great Outdoors was super fun. Like seriously, a lot of fun. All the wankers met up at EMS in Fayetteville for Trail #105. And surprise, surprise—the hares set a shitty trail! Crazy, right? It was Shits and Spits farewell hash before the big move to California and she had some help from Slip, Tweedle You, and Just Nick. There were a lot of people, quite a few virgins, and even a rare appearance by Shots to the Mouth, who oddly enough had Jell-O shots! Go figure! As usual, chalk talk was confusing and illegible. Seriously, like WTF? And when we were On-out we actually ran—a lot. It was pretty urban at first, not like you’d expect from the Great Outdoors. We did pass an awesome Halloween display in front of someone’s house and you know what that means: PICTURE CHECK! Finally we got a Beer Near at the end of a dead end. Like, finally! Whew, we were thirsty. It was kind of cool and overcast in the great outdoors, but beer helped. You know how that is! Then we went in the woods and it was so shiggy. S-H-I-G-G-Y!!! Something happened here and we ended up with multiple groups in different directions. At one point Shits was seen on her cell phone in the woods trying to call the other hares. OMG, tech on trail!!! And there was a contest for building a shelter and everyone was totally into it. Like totally. Then we had to run some more through the shiggy and finally we came out by a building with a golf cart—surprised no one stole it. LOL. And then we ran on the road and saw a BF mark—Beer Far. HAHAHA. And then we found the BN by the Erie Canal path. There was a shelter so we hung out there and then On-out down the path. It was kinda pretty with the trees changing colors and the water. Yep, great outdoors. We took another group picture on the bridge over the canal—and as usual, there were some Full Moons, even during the day. LMAO!!! We ran for awhile and had some shots. There was a contest to find candy. All the FRBs dominated. Pretty soon it was back to the On-in. You can imagine there were some accusations! Down-downs for the hares, welcome to the virgins, and plenty of other accusations. Prizes were given out for the most awesome shelters. And Just Jonathan and Just Lindsy were called into the circle for some questions. Oh boy, that was funny! And when they were called back to circle they were no longer Just anything. Now we have Pokahotass and Old Cock Watcher!!! Funny, right? And what a mess with the flour! It got a little crazy. I mean CRAYYY-ZEEE! On-after was at JP Mulligan’s where there was food and drinks all around. It was a great time in The Great Outdoors. I can’t wait to come back. TTYL!

Respectfully submitted,
Came with a Fake Name