This week’s hash was produced and directed by Old Cock Watcher and Cousin Doesn’t Count, within the genre of medical drama. After a bit of frisbee at On-ondogha hill park we set off on trail. Costume design was outstanding! Ranging from scrubby doctors and naughty nurses to patients presenting with occipital frontalis contusions. Early on there was an underlying sense of dread from the intermittent rain that came down in spurts that would rival Aranofskys film NOAH, but eventually subsided for a more favorable storyline.

At beer nears, there was an attempt to learn the origins of some new characters which led to a more detailed and rich film overall. At one point there was a J shot which had to be delivered by the FRB to a poorly conditioned patient in the rear STAT. Subsequently Ethanol was later administered by the nursing staff to everyone via 5ml syringes PO prn. Also there was a point in the story arc where costumes were exchanged by all which led to some awkward and poor fitting apparel (see photos for detail).

Finally the story came full circle with more alcohol consumption, and fantastic accompaniment of music, and our main antagonist, a giant being defeated by a side-side. Unexpectedly at the last moment there was an M. Night Shamylan-like twist where prime ended up winning the academy award for best costume despite all prior indications that he had lost. The final credits took place at Kelly’s where the giant had 25 hamburgers and hot sauce was drunk by all.

I give this trail an 8.5 out of 10 for good cinematography, great costume design and a fantastic theme while also keeping in mind the extensive rain was distracting and unnecessary. Expect a big-budget sequel in the near future.

Hash Critique Respectfully Submitted,
by Cocktimus Prime