Some half-minded thoughts & recollections of the trail…

Rain held off

The overcast skies and chill did not deter over 50 half-minds from gathering at The Bull & Bear Roadhouse for trail laid by Table It, Just Bobbie, and Just Bill. While no rain fell, there were plenty of puddles for stomping through (Jackoff!).

Small wiener check

Indeed there was a wiener check about ¼ way through trail, but the majority of the pack blew right by the wiener check at Hoffman Hotdogs.  A few DFLs also had an impromptu Beer Near with the hares.  And there was also an excursion into a Highway Department shed, clambering over dirt and salt piles by signs that read “DUMP HERE.” 

Picture check at Just Anna’s work

Hash142-ForePlayJust after the first BN where half minds got to know Just Anna and Just Tim Tim a little more, there was indeed there was a picture check in front of Just Anna & Just Tim Tim’s place of employment.

Fantastic amount of soggy grass
Soggy socks
Wet feet
Wet grass

These comments allude to the thick, wet grass on the abandoned golf course where much of the course traversed. Being abandoned the course was like a 70’s porn star, as Snidely likes to say.

Goose poop

In addition to wet, unmowed grass, the course was littered with piles of goose poop.

So many J-checks
J-checks or j-check
J-check with girl with pants down

The clever hares invented a new style J-check where beer cans were hidden along the abandoned golf course in holes.  If the FRB found a full can then they had to run back and share with the DFL.  If it was empty, then they had to pull their pants to their knees and run holding the can on their head to the next check.

Panoramic photo
Panorama on top of sketchy shelter
Panoramic picture from the top of a shed (doing the wave)
Show me your ass

The hash came to a dilapidated shed and Just Bill instructed the hash to form a circle and do the wave while he took a 360 degree panoramic photo. Only half-of the half-minds participated in the wave.  Dry Spell showed his ass. And no one mentioned Captain and the glory hole, which was worth a picture as well.

I saw boobs!
There were boobs
Actual boobs
More Boobs!
2 boob showers

So clearly this hash likes boobs.  And fortunately they got some.  It seems to be the most prominent memory. Of course some of them were man boobs.

Getting chased by a groundhog
Invading police territory

So I have no idea what these even refers to and if the events are related. Or maybe the people who wrote these were just drunk. Probably both. And I just assume the last statement was Turtle.

I LOVE BALLS. This hash had a lot of them! I put several in my pocket and played with them!!!

Now I didn’t actually see any balls on this trail, despite it being on an abandoned golf course.  But I assume with this bunch, it’s pretty likely that this is a true statement. Author unknown, though I have some suspicions.

Need more beer
Lot’s of juice on trail…
More ass

So these weren’t actually verbalized accusations but clearly as a hash someone thinks we have a few things to work on.  The usual down-downs were doled out for hares and actual accusations were made.

Dog got named Something Who?
Cuntinental Breakfast got necklace with surrogate drinker
Surrogate necklace drinker
Goldie came with another guy

Just Kate’s dog was named “Log Gobbler” for his impressive and slightly disturbing total destruction of a log at the Hillbilly Hash.  Cuntinental Breakfast got her necklace and PP chivalrously drank the mug contents for her. And while Fleshy is away, Goldie made a virgin cum. Hello, baby!

“No, stop, go back…ok, wait we are ready…stop, show your boob…(she shows boobs)…she enters circle
Just Bobbie no more
Tri Anything
I Got an Awesome Name!

Just Bobbie had been questioned a few weeks back and her naming was tabled (no pun intended), but the hashhad a revelation and saw fit to name her, and so Tri Anything was welcomed to the hash.

Fakey brought post-its, Fakey lost post-its
You’re drunk

In lieu of a run of the mill rehash, I decided to solicit the mammories of the hash to tell the rehash. The post-it notes were misplaced and located in my pocket. And no, you’re you’re drunk (#1 highest form of humor?).

And in closing, a final thought on trail… 

Wet Moist Lovely Hash Haryness
Drink Run Drink Run Drink
My Nipples are Happy Now

Respectfully submitted,
Came with a Fake Name & Assorted half-minds