Cazenovia is my hometown and god is it better with beer! First off, Cock or two passed the shovel on to glory something or other for racist behavior. Slip banged a horse sculpture because the sperm sample we drank wasn’t enough. Just Pokémon did a mud slip and slide and serenaded us with his theme song. Fakey had an amazing tea party where the FRBs celebrated an unbirthday with the DFLs while the rest of us attempted to slingshot a foreign hasher back to where she came from. A dog was properly named with overwhelming agreement “it’s a cat.” We did a study on DEET spray vs. non-DEET/hippy spray to see which is better and lets just say now I have a HUGE rash. For the on after we went to a dungeon basement in the Lincklaen House. Oh, and Pastor left circle to pee with a flamingo.

Great times!

just morgan