Sung to the tune of “America the Beautiful”

RWB Love thy brother… Sexually

O beautiful well floured trail
For nice cold beer on ice
For shiggy hilly majesty
Above the town of fabius

Oh highland park
Oh highland park
Some wankers peed on trail
But all was good in brotherhood
With down-downs and some ale

O hashers from a different house
With brand new jokes and songs
A virgin too from ausi land
We’re glad he came along

The hares made jello shots
There’s orange food and white food too
We like both lots and lots

Wet nurse and f *
WOD were our hares
And late to set the beer
But Tofu started just on time
And made it in the clear

Dry Spell and Bushy
Shuffled their tushes
And were quite lead a stray
False trails and true
Were plentifully strune
To trap FRBs all the way

Kind regards,