Once upon a time, a bunch of half-minds showed up at Stones Marina in order to run around in their pajamas. It took a few of them a couple of tries to find the place but once they did, shit really hit the fan. It took three hares; Wet Nurse, Tri Anything, and Chick Pee on mu Face, to coral them all. Following circle, the kennel was unleashed to find trail. Everyone was in high spirits upon quick discovery of the first beer near. However, hash crash was to be had when WOD Receiver and Selfy failed to clear a ditch.

After, fortifying with orange food, the kennel ran on to a clothing exchange near a cleverly placed playground. TOFU became a classy gentleman, sporting the fluffiest of pink night shirts. Though it was still an hour till dusk, two moons; Captain and Tweedle were observed. Moral improved and newly fancy, the trail was quickly recovered. The kennel hit a little snag when the shot stop lead to a small camper trailer. Though they searched and searched the hounds could not locate the elusive shots, until the hares showed up and set them straight. Tweedle and Captain continued silliness involving a broom.

The trail ended spectacularly with a twilight swim/ kayak regatta. Chunks did not drown in the course of taking the slightly drier way out.
After slogging through the shiggy, everyone was warmed and dried with a spectacular fire. Rectal passed out toe tags and the kennel retired to Fisher Bay for food and FOOTBALL!
The end.

Respectfully Submitted,
6 From Behind