To the Tune of Green Acres. Not in C sharp…but Drunken Jagged….

(First Verse)
Election Hash Was the place to be!

For Trump was Grabbing, a lot of pussy!

Shiggy Stretching so far and wide…

With shitty beer and making hunters Cry!

(Second verse)
City Hashing is really Lame!

Verona Beach was far from tame!

Jello shots and that Big Lake view…

With trump and Hillary we know we’re Screwed!

The Beers!

Jello Shots!

New Mugs!

More shots!

We had shitty Hares!
Good Bye Election Cares!

Election Hash… Weeeee….Were…. Therrrrrrrrre!

Respectfully submitted,

-Bumper Thumper