Hash Cash

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These small booklets of Hash Cash help the kennel pre-purchase our beer and can be used in lieu of actual cash at our regular hash runs.

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In order to raise funds (for beer), we’re pre-selling Hash Cash. For $25, you get five of these sexy Hash Cash bills, designed by the also-sexy Brown Hole Delivery. You also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping us keep it up! “B.A.C or boners?” Porque no los dos?!

After you buy your Hash Cash through the site, the On-Secs will fork over your certificates the next time you come hashing. It’s a HUGE help to the kennel, as it will allow us to pre-buy beer at a discount. Now who doesn’t love that??

“Are they good for anything else?” You can’t pay your taxes with them (YET!), but you can give them to other hashers in exchange for rides home, beer, or anything else you can trick them into. They are not valid for special events like the Red Dress Run, 69th Hash, or buying habberdashery.

Sharpee your name on the back so that if someone finds your lost Hash Cash, they can make fun of you when they spend it themselves. Seriously though, don’t lose them, or you’re shit out of luck!