Homer Campout Hash 2022

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After two years off, the the Eighth Homer Campout Hash will be on July 16-17.

Saturday will feature a longish trail over hill and vale, with plenty of beer and shenanigans along the way. After circle, the shindig will continue with beer, swimming, campfire, food, and more beer!  Weary hashers are also welcome to pitch a tent and stay the night.  Sunday’s trail will be of more moderate length, just up the road in Bear Swamp, and is included in this rego.

Regos cost $30 until July 8th, after which the price jumps to $40.

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Rego includes trails on Saturday and Sunday, along with accompanying food and booze.



When: Saturday, July 16 – Trail at 1pm – Beer, bonfire, food, swimming, and camping to follow.  It’s recommended to arrive around 12pm to have ample time to set up a tent and drink some beer before trail.

Hares: Ass Full of White Man, Harry CockHer, DangaWuss, Daddy Cornhole

Location: Maple Slope Farm, Houghton Hill Rd, Homer, NY

Directions:  (from the North) Take I-81 South, take exit 13 at Preble, right onto Rt 281 and drive 7.6 miles, right onto Rt 41 and drive 2.6 miles, left onto Houghton Hill (just after the intersection of 41A), drive up the hill for .8 miles, the pond will be an unpaved driveway on the right.

Trail: Trail will be about 4-6 miles and will involve plenty of shiggy and plenty of beer.  There will not be a walker trail, but shortcuts might be a possibility.

Beer: We’ll have a couple kegs for circle and part of the evening, as well as plenty of beer for trail.  Bring some extra beverages to share if you intend to stay after the hash.

Food: Saturday after trail we’ll have walking tacos, some grillables, and various accoutrements.  We may also have a grill of some sort so we can cook food quicker.  Feel free (but not obligated) to bring anything else to contribute that can be cooked over an open campfire, grilled or stored in a cooler.  We’ll also provide breakfast on Sunday.

Hash Cash: $30 until July 8, then $40 after that (including any day-of regos).  Regos will be limited to 50-ish half-minds, AKA approximately the number of people that fit on a hay wagon.

Dogs: Please leave your mutts at home!

If you intend to stay overnight you should bring: a tent (or some other place to sleep), a bathing suit (optional), bug spray, sunscreen, and other shit to cook if you so desire. I would suggest showing up early and setting your tent before trail. People are also welcome to come just for trail (or just for the shenanigans after trail).


Trail Location: Bear Swamp, about 15 minutes from the campout.

Hash Cash: Included in Homer rego, or $5 if you just come for the Sunday trail

Time: TBA

Hares: Kickstand & co-hares


Rego List:

Hash Name
1One Trick DickSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
2Cousin Doesn't CountSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
3KickstandSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
4PastorbatorSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
5Utica ChubSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
6Lady Kale KrotchSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
7Wake Me Up Before I Cum CumSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
8Krusty ShortsSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
9Shiggy ShamanIthaca H3
10Drunk in the TrunkSnowblinders H3
11Broke Ass MountainVon Tramp H3
12Pink PenaltySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
13Table ItSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
14Tri AnythingSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
15I'mGoodGetOnMeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
16IchiballSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
17Cool Hand PukeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
18FuckWODSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
19Cocktimus PrimeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
20AsseroleFlour City H3
21Butt Her BallsSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
22Hits You In the Back of the ThroatSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
23Famous AnusSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
24Festering Foot StuffSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
25Three Dog NightSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
26Rickety ShitterFlour City H3
27Satan's CumSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
28Penis Fly TrapTaco Tuesday H3 (Tampa)
29Came With A Fake NameSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4