SOH4’s 10th Analversary and Birthday Party | Saturday, August 13

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On August 13, 2012, just after 6pm, 25 individuals gathered just off Marshall Street. Some of them knew what awaited them, and some of them most certainly did not. For the next 3 hours, this group of hodgepodge humans and canines drank beer while running through cemeteries and parks all throughout the University area. There were flashes and stories and songs and lots of drinks and general silliness. And lots of drinks. When the uninitiated pulled themselves off their respective floors the following morning, they were unsure exactly what happened but positive they would do it all over again. And thus, SOH4 was born, so that we can do it again, and again, and again, and again…

Analversary Chairs (and attendees back on that fateful day) Kickstand, Pink Penalty and Slip & Swallow invite you to celebrate 10 years of our very favorite kennel with a special Saturday all-day hash trail and birthday party.

Hash trail will start at 11:69 hst from the pavilion at Thornden Park playground – enter at the Rose Garden and turn left, on the left in about 0.25 miles. We will wind our way through some of our favorite spots, with lots of beer and songs and a variety of extra fun surprises and special events throughout. There will be a catered picnic for all to partake of more food, kegs of beer, and cakes shaped like kegs of beer. Because nothing says a party like kegs and cake kegs.

Rego today for $20 and get all this plus the special 10-year Analversary hab!

Whether you’ve been to one, one hundred or five hundred SOH4 trails, we would be honored if you chose to come out and celebrate this momentous event with us this year.