Winterhash 2022 – February 5

Number sold: 46


Prior rego is $45; day of registration will be $55.

Proof of vaccination will be required for this event

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SOH4 brings you Winterhash 2022 at Arrowhead Lodge in Brewerton on February 5, 2022. There will be trail, games, and a chili cook off! Please indicate above if you plan to participate in the cook off. The first fifty people to rego will get an awesome Winterhash sling bag for all your trail setting needs.


Rego List:

Hash Name
1Cousin Doesn't CountSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
2Sailor Blue MoonSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
3Table ItSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
4One trick DickSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
5Swayze's Swollen ThroatFlour City H3
6Free CuntryFlour City H3
7Uncle JohnFlour City H3
8Three Dog NightSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
9Lady Kale KrotchSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
10Krusty ShortsSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
11Pink PenaltySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
12PastorbatorSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
13Utica ChubSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
14Just RyanSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
15Tri AnythingSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
16FakeySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
17Crawdaddy CooterIthaca H3
18Just CarolSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
19Willy Wanker & The Chocolate FactoryHalve Mein H3
20Shiggy ShamanIthaca H3
21Frisk Me SpearsSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
22MessiahMoon Over Huronia (MOH4)
23SpikeIthaca H3
24Pepe le PooIthaca H3
25Cool Hand PukeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
26Don't Tell DaddySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
27FlossIthaca H3
28Over the HillarySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
29Puff The Magic DragkingFlour City H3
30Reverse PenguinIthaca H3
31Miss D’ErectionIthaca H3
32Dookie HowserFlour City H3
33Dead HookerFlour City H3
34KickStandIthaca H3 / Syracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
35Head-2-Toe-In-UteroIthaca H3
36SpluigiIthaca H3
37Ass Full of White ManSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
38Festering Foot StuffSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
39PlaidypussyIthaca H3
40Double D-LiteSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
41Minute ManSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
42Cums Ready to RideSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
43Chickpea On My FaceSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
44Dix-N-StixSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
45Pen IslandTidewater H3
46Mr. StiffySyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4