CNY Winterhash 2018
(Hosted by U>0 H3 & SOH4)

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It’s time for another winterhash!  Every winter Upstate NY kennels gather for a frigid interhash.  This year’s event will be hosted by Utica Better Than Nothing H3 (with assistance from Syracuse On-On-Dog-A H4).

$22.69 Rego includes event hab and all activities from sign-in to until the Hashlympic Closing Ceremonies / Circle wraps (basically everything but the prelube).

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Date: Sunday,  January 14th

Location: Mill Run Park Whorrall Pavilion, Manlius NY – The after is 1.3M from the event where there is limited parking. For a number of reasons it is strongly recommended that you park at the after and walk to the start and/or shuttle.

Event Schedule:

10:30AM-12:30PM  Lunar Shooting Star / 6 Pack 10k Prelube (Pay Separately from Main Event). Time to princess the f*ck up you wankers! For the kids. Start is at same location as the main event.  Prelube the Hashlympics in style with a 6 pack 10k. BYOB or let OTD ahead of time that you want to drink 6 Utica Clubs. Finish in under 2 hours and you will earn a 6 pack 10k patch. If you want to negotiate wine or liquor for the experience instead see OTD.

Spectating party for the 6 pack 10k is a Lunar Shooting Star Trail. First 30 to donate at least 5 bucks get a Lunar Shooting Star patch (star is yellow, for those that are collecting). All proceeds go to Make A Wish. Alcohol and snack donations encouraged while we cheer on the 6 pack 10kers (who are free to donate and get the Lunar patch also of course!).

12:30 PM 2018 CNY WinterHash Sign-in and Prelube Begins!!!!
The CNY WinterHash organizing committee from U>0 H3 and SOH4 proudly(ish) presents the 2018 CNY WInterHash!

At sign-in, first 45 hashers who rego’d get their awesome CNY WinterHash scarf! If you aren’t on that list, you still get something, just not a scarf!

Trail will leave promptly at 12:69 PM. After a reasonably shortish trail, we will immediately move into WInterHashLympics. Participate, spectate, go to the after early to warm up if you must, whatever.

$22.69 Rego cost covers event hab and all activities from sign-in to until the Hashlympic Closing Ceremonies / Circle wraps.

After: Stingers Pizza Pub, 4500 Pewter Lane Bldg. 3 Manlius, NY

Rego List:

Hash Name
1One Trick DickUtica Better Than Nothing H3
2Deer NearUtica Better Than Nothing H3
3Puff The Magic DragkingFlour City H3
4Harry Box LickerSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
5No Child From BehindSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
6Self Cock BlockSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
7MudmanFlour City H3
8ClitorhandsFlour City H3
9Free CuntryFlour City H3
10Uncle JohnFlour City H3
11Shiggy ShamanIthaca H3
12Amazonian Cock TrumpetFlour City H3
13Sheewee HermanFlour City H3
14Hymen HeroFlour City H3
15Utica ChubSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
16PastorbatorSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
176 From BehindSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
18KickstandIthaca H3
19Snidley WhipassSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
20Ass Full of White ManSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
21Boo Berry TitsFlour City H3
22FuckWODSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
23Kitten MittonsKeystone H3
24Bloody PoussièreFlour City H3
25Came With A Fake NameSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
26Hot Sweaty Man AssSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
27Super LickDSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
28Chunks & DunksSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
29Three Dog NightSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
30*Clap *Clap *Clap *Clap SANCHOHalve Mein H3
31Swayze’s Swollen ThroatFlour City H3
32Just MikeFlour City H3
3350 Shades of GlazeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
34Dix-N-STIXUtica Better Than Nothing H3
35The VirginatorHalve Mein H3
36A.H.H.Shiggy Level One Wankers (SLOW) H3
37MessiahMoon Over Huronia H3
38SpikeIthaca H3
39Pepe le PooIthaca H3
40Shark WeekSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
41Bushy CholeraSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
42Tri AnythingSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
43Table ItSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
44IchiballSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
45ImgoodgetonmeSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
46Sperm WhaleSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
47Lady Kale KrotchSyracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
48Home BlownFlour City H3