Trail #433: The Wisest Wizard

Monday - September 9, 2019 - 6:09 pm

69,000 years ago in a far away land where magic and mystery still reign supreme, a group of drunken idiots will find themselves in the battle that will change the world! The evil wizards Fiftyshades The Grey and Spermy The Sober have stolen the recipe for the elixir of life and threaten to destroy it forever- but Krusty The Quick and Prime The Divisible caught a glimpse of the scroll and know the real truth…

They could not make out the recipe in its entirety, but had determined that it consisted of seemingly obscure ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast? What could this magic potion be and why is it so important that we save it?

They have sent a call for help through all of time: ON-ON!
Hashers far and wide, they are calling for you to help save the one drink to rule them all- BEER!

Whether you are a Level 0 Thrower or a Level 69 Black Mage, shake the dust out of those wizard sleeves and join us in the fight to save the most precious substance ever concocted. The drunken masters and their brave band of warriors are willing to risk life and limb. R U?

Don’t forget to bring your wand or wizard staff! Also maybe a oil lantern or equivalent for later when it gets dark.

Dog, virgin, miniature horse and preggers-ready-to-pop friendly. Evil wizard unfriendly.

Hares: Krusty Shorts & Cocktimus Prime
Location: Lakeland Park Alhan Pkwy, Syracuse, NY 13209
Start Time: 5:69 PM (AKA 6:09 pm)
Hash Cash: $5 (Virgins/first timers are free!)
Theme: Wizards
On-After: Wally's Belvedere 863 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

*Note:Please bring your ID! Our hashes are open to all those of you of legal drinking age.

First hash? YAY! We're so glad you picked this one! We are a non-competitive running club focused on having a ton of fun! Be ready for a fun adventure. Bring your sense of humor but leave your new shoes at home.

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