Trail #329: Curmudgeon Hash

Saturday - March 10, 2018 - 12:09 pm - 5:00 pm

There will plenty to complain about on this fat boy trail. There will not be fun, there will not be singing , there won’t even be much of a trail.  Best you will get is a shot stop at some point and maybe some flour. Don’t like it? Tell someone who cares. Join me or not for a fatboy trail after the Shamrock Run.

Start time is 15 minutes after I finish the run.  [Ed: Circle at 11:69]

Start location is somewhere near the finish of the run.  Curmudgeons don’t do the interwebs so maybe this will get posted maybe not. Maybe there will be a pin, I doubt it.

Virgins and dogs will hate this trail and so will you.

Hash cash:  none or some, whatever.  Save your cash for the bar cuz that’s where we are going

Ed: Parking will be a pain.  Have fun.

Hares: Bushy Cholera
Location: Burnet Park "Start location is somewhere near the finish of [Tipp Hill Shamrock] run."
Start Time: 11:69 AM (AKA 12:09 pm - 5:00 pm)
Hash Cash: "Save your cash for the bar cuz that’s where we are going."
Theme: "I don’t even want you to show up, if you must, theme is Curmudgeon points.You may not dress a F*’s ankle"
On-After: Tipp Hill areas bar(s) "It’s Tipp Hill, figure it out."

*Note:Please bring your ID! Our hashes are open to all those of you of legal drinking age.

First hash? YAY! We're so glad you picked this one! We are a non-competitive running club focused on having a ton of fun! Be ready for a fun adventure. Bring your sense of humor but leave your new shoes at home.

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