Trail #517: This trail has EVERYTHING

Monday - July 26, 2021 - 6:09 pm

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes. This trail has EVERYTHING… art that is in poor taste but sincerely trying its best, the rare chance to push your least-favorite of the pack into busy traffic, the unnerving buzz of electricity in an otherwise quiet field, the opportunity for FRBs to run so fast their hearts collectively explode at once (causing a gruesome, but, gotta be honest, fairly impressive display), parking lot food, and a hare that you don’t really know well but seems… ehh… good enough, probably.

What: A fairly quick (4.5ish mile) trail that’s perfect for anyone who likes pavement pounding, trail running, and occasional puddles.

What to bring: Hash cash if your deeply held conspiracy theories keep you away from online shopping, chalk or chalk pens if you want to make your mark on previously mentioned “art,” and dry shoes for the on-in.

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Hares: Walk The Skank
Location: DannO's parking lot (3855 Split Rock Rd. Camillus)
Start Time: 5:69 PM (AKA 6:09 pm)
Hash Cash: $6 (Virgins/first timers are free!)

*Note:Please bring your ID! Our hashes are open to all those of you of legal drinking age.

First hash? YAY! We're so glad you picked this one! We are a non-competitive running club focused on having a ton of fun! Be ready for a fun adventure. Bring your sense of humor but leave your new shoes at home.

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