Trail #528: Mental Health Awareness Week

Saturday - October 2, 2021 - 2:09 pm

After the summer, most of you know I had, as I was looking up themes for Saturday…I learned the first week of October is Mental Health Awareness Week. So…

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Virgin and dog friendly, dogs will need to be leashed at times.  Be prepared to get very wet, if you so choose! This will feature something Butters and I enjoyed when we were still unnamed hashers!

Hares: FuckWOD
Location: Parking Lot near Cazenovia Lake
Start Time: 1:69 PM (AKA 2:09 pm)
Hash Cash: $6 (Virgins/first timers are free!)
Theme: Mental Health Awareness...wear something to show your support to people who live with mental illness. This can be anyway you choose, whether it is clothing that has great words or phrases or if you may have lost someone due to A Mental Illness and want to represent them, please do that.
On-After: Meier's Creek

*Note:Please bring your ID! Our hashes are open to all those of you of legal drinking age.

First hash? YAY! We're so glad you picked this one! We are a non-competitive running club focused on having a ton of fun! Be ready for a fun adventure. Bring your sense of humor but leave your new shoes at home.

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