69 Things I Can Still Remember After the 69th Trail and the Most Epic On-After

  1. It was sunny
  2. It was cold
  3. It was really windy
  4. There were cool glow-in-the-dark mugs
  5. We got tags and beads (not the anal kind…)
  6. There was beer drinking in a parking lot
  7. There were a lot of people
  8. IH3 and FCH3 visited
  9. There were people from Connecticut
  10. Hares were Ass Full, Drinks, and Kicky
  11. Chalk talk was jibberish
  12. Chunks was late but made the disclaimer
  13. We ran in circles through snow
  14. The sunset was awesome
  15. We ran around a neighborhood
  16. Snidely and Tweedle Me wrestled in snow (no surprise there)
  17. We dodged traffic on West Genesee Street
  18. No one died
  19. Just Bill and Slimy Rubber Cock had backpacks for r*acist training
  20. We climbed up an embankment
  21. There were thorns and snow
  22. There was blood
  23. Goldie got scratched on the cheek
  24. More blood
  25. The first Beer Near was by an old ski lift
  26. Jackoff climbed on top of it
  27. He didn’t fall
  28. There was a big hill
  29. Some of us fell
  30. Most butt slid down or belly flopped down
  31. There was a ski area
  32. TweedleMe ran up the ski hill
  33. Tweedle Me fell
  34. Tweedle Me skidded down
  35. Drinks gave the ski operator a beer
  36. He was cool but wouldn’t let anyone else run up the hill
  37. We ran around some more in random neighborhoods
  38. It was really dark
  39. We ran through shiggy
  40. A little girls asked Fakey and Once You Go Black if it was a scavenger hunt
  41. There was a parking lot
  42. There was a shopping cart
  43. Captain fit in the shopping cart
  44. There is video proof
  45. No one died crossing West Genesee Street
  46. We found the Second Beer Near
  47. We sang
  48. We sang more
  49. We ran through the snow in the dark
  50. There was a lot of hash crashing
  51. On-in back at the parking lot
  52. At circle hares did down-downs for shitty trail
  53. Virgins Just Jay, Just Corey, and Just Eric were welcomed
  54. Cum-latelys were accused (Turtle who?)
  55. Out-of-towners did down-downs
  56. Just Bryan and Dry Spell drank from their new shoes
  57. Kicky awarded prizes for Best 69 attire
  58. The hash went in peace to get a piece
  59. The On-After at Assil’s was really hard to find
  60. We found it
  61. We arrived in time to see SU lose to NC State in the ACC Tournament
  62. We drank beer
  63. We ate a lot of food
  64. We drank more beer
  65. We danced
  66. We drank more beer
  67. We danced some more
  68. Magical arrived late and showed off his dance skills

Came with a Fake Name