In the seasonably warm spring afternoon of April 28 the hares slowly
traversed the half mile separating the bank from a cooler of cold
beer. As they deposited small mounds of flour landing with a dull but
satisfying thump on the warm pavement passerbys turned their heads to
ingest the sight of the three interlopers thrust by circumstance onto
the street corner. Captain, the controller of cocks strode
confidently in the rear of the group. He spoke first. “Do you think
they will like our trail?”. Before him walking two abreast his
companions spoke simultaneously. Male Bait’s strong chiseled jaw
opening slowly to pronounce “Well, I ..”. Captain imagined his strong
but agile tongue glancing behind his full lips as the ‘ell’ reached
his aching ears, distracting Captain’s eyes only momentarily from Male
Bait’s anatomy which with each step flexed its glistening calves as
thin beads of sweat dripped slowly from his inner thigh caressing his
muscular legs before gently depositing themselves on his white cotton
socks. Captain could only imagine Male Bait’s supple member flopping
gently between his thighs and rubbing ever so slightly on the inside
of his runnign shorts a mere layer of polyester lying between it and
Captains blissful lips which were already wetting themselves at the
thought. The Doctor who often drinks in solitude started imperceptibly
later having waited to speak as she tossed her shining brown curls
over her right shoulder wafting the scent of Lilacs towards Captain
and revealing her tender skin and deep copper eyes. Clinically Captain
knew she was beautiful but could not help but find himself taken aback
at her presence; interloping between him and the unknowing shining and
sensual lure before his eyes. As she finished her interjection, “Of
course they will, there’s beer, they don’t have to run very far and I
think there might be a movie that no one will remember or sit still
through”. Captain’s annoyance turned to shame as the Doctor’s ringing
voice shook him sufficiently from the clean purity of homo-erotic